Partial/Natural Sew in - Is when you Leave hair out at the top for a more natural look. The remainder of the hair is braided. This would be great for someone who would just like to add length and fullness.

Full Sew/ Lace Closure Sew in -
Is for the client that wants all of her hair braided up. This is a great alternative to the traditional Partial sew in. This is a 100% protective style. This technique is good for all hair types. Weave lace closures are an oblong or circle shaped hair piece. Its attached to a cornrow base and then secured around the perimeter to give the appearance of a natural part.

Versatile Sew In - Is for the client that wants to leave the perimeter of their hair out. This would give the client the ability to pull the hair up into a ponytail, high bun, or French braid the side. This sew in is customized for each client and depends upon hair density.

Seamless Technique - the Seamless technique is when you have no visible tracks showing. All hair is braided down and tracks are so close together that when you open up the center of your hair you have no visible tracks. The install can be used in conjunction with any other braided sew in install.

Clip on Extensions - Are the shortest temporary solution in which you use on a day to day basis, and remove them before retiring for the evening.

Tape-Ins Hair Extensions- Is when you press tape extension onto the hair near the scalp. Then another hair extension weft is placed underneath the first hair weft, sandwiching the client’s hair in between the two wefts. This technique keeps the hair and hair extension in place, sealed in the protective adhesive strips. The adhesive is strong and safe for use in hair.

Micro Link Extensions - This method of hair extensions is the most preferred by those that desire a natural looking hair extension.This is the only hair extensions method that doesn’t require the use of braids, heat, adhesives (glue), chemicals, sewing, or braiding methods The Micro Link itself are round colored coil looking attachments that is matched to the color of your hair giving your hair weave a natural flowing appearance.These Micro Links will easily attach your hair extensions on to your own hair. You can get either wefts are individual I-Tip extensions.